Eno Granitsa Gorckiite

A First Visit to Stara Kula

Having recuperated from their previous adventure in the caves of chaos, the party was asking around town for hirelings when they encountered the morbid dwarf Gronn, the robust elf Cole, and the impatient warlock Darquan. After brief negotiations these new adventurers were recruited into the party as full members.

Having decided to go in search of the missing Sir Fragobert, Orion was sent to find out what he could about the ruins. The hunter Honditar gave them directions, as well as a warning to steer clear of the forest, for the old man who lived there with his pet mountain lion had gone violently insane of late.

The party set out for the ruins and though there were some minor navigational issues the ruins were reached without event. It was observed that in addition to the imposing ruins there was also a ramshackle military camp nearby. Though the rest of the party voted to explore the ruins first, Darquan struck out alone for the camp with Orion following exasperated in his footsteps. Before the two had gone 20 paces they were set upon by strange wolf-like things. The wolf things could not long bear the combined fury of the party’s archers, Orion’s steel, and Darquan’s considerable magics; turning tail at the first sign of resistance. Though Orion and Camphor pursued them, the cowardly creatures easily outstripped their pursuers and lost themselves in the forest.

Searching the camp, the party salvaged a suit of mail, which Cole quickly donned, and some barding for Darquan’s mount.

Upon entering the ruins the party was attacked by a strange purple bush, which somehow managed to fire its spines like arrows. Though conventional weapons proved ineffective against it, it ceased its struggles once Gronn and Gisfred set flint and tinder to it.

Continuing their exploration of the ruins, the party found a desecrated chapel, with a strange symbol drawn in blood over the altar. When Darquan investigated the bodies piled in the corner, they leapt up and attacked. Having bludgeoned Darquan into unconsciousness they turned their attention to Orion but failed to land a single blow before the party brought them down.

Descending through a large trapdoor in the chapel floor the party entered a room with 15 headless skeletons laid out ceremoniously on stone blocks. The party continued on uneasily past the skeletons into a room occupied by a large stone sarcophagus chained and padlocked shut. After Camphor picked the lock, the party heaved off the lid and discovered a bronze coffer filled with coins.

Continuing on, the party passed a room with three passages and a very strange statue. Though it had originally been of fine make, the head had been removed and replaced with a crudely sculpted, one eyed, fanged horror. After a little examination the party continued on but as they passed in front of the statue its eye flared purple, prompting them to attack it. As it stood unresponsive, the party called of their attack, and rather sheepishly walked onward, paying the next pair of statues no mind. As Shri walked between two however, magical beams shot out of the eyes and struck him, visibly paining him. After much discussion and experimentation during which Cole too passed through and was also eye beamed, Orion simply smashed the status’s heads off, allowing the rest of the party to pass by unharmed.

Past the statues was a huge iron door, which Cole forced open. In the room behind the door Gronn noticed something a little off about the stonework and deduced the existence of a secret door. Despite employing Orion’s crowbar, none of the party, even the laughably mighty Gisfred, could force open the door. Giving up, the party continued on into a room quite literally FILLED with bones. In 15 niches were 15 skulls, presumably taken from the 15 headless skeletons the party had previously found.

After a good deal of experimentation, the party could discover nothing of value about the apparent dead end, and so backtracked to the room with the first of the statues. While the rest of the party waited, Shri and Gronn each took a passage and went to see what they could see. Not a minute later Shri came pelting back out of the dark yelling about something or other. As the party took up battle positions 6 zombies descended on them from the direction Shri had gone. The battle that followed was as brief as it was fierce, and by the time Gronn had made his way back to the party it was all but over. The sole casualty of the battle was Yrmengardis, who Gronn bandaged. As night was falling the party decided to return to town, and made the journey easily, carrying their wounded and what treasure they had collected.



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