Eno Granitsa Gorckiite

And Then There Were Rats

In town the party came across Sinaed who is an old friend and companion of Orion’s. Sinaed was passing through town looking for work as a mercenary, but agreed to join the party as a full fledged member. Before Orion left to level up he gave Sinead his plate mail. While in town everyone but Triochmeren, Sinaed, and the training charecters pitched in to buy a party mule.

The party went through the woods led by the elf Cole and came out right near the ruins and then continued on to where they fought the zombies the prior day. The party continued on and found a room that looked like an old sleeping chamber with a holy symbol on the wall that they grabbed.

Then they continued into a very similar room except this one had an archway with a tapestry hanging from it and a chest. Cole went to look through the archway and the tapestry fell on his face and turned out to be acidic. The party tried everything from knocking him out to splashing oil and watter on him. Then Triochmeren lit the oil and it burned off. So the rest of the party who had pieces of the slime on them, burnt off all that slime and it all came off.

In the chest the party found old healing herbs. while examining the chest for traps Jivko found four bottles. Two were sealed with a red seal and turned out to be healing potions and two with purple wax were poison-like and the tiniest sip made Gron sick. Triochmeren gave Cole one of the healing potions and he was quickly healed. The party also found another holy symbol.

The party continued through a rough cut tunnel that ended in a t-intersection. The corridor to the north ended at a door. The party decided to venture south instead. Down the corridor were two doors across from each other. Jivko listened at the east door. He heard what sounded like the cheeping of chickens. Gron opened the door and was jumped by a bunch of big rats. The rats quickly began to swarm over Gron, but then were put to sleep by Shri Jah the elf. Gron closed the door and told Jivko “Those were NOT chickens!” Then more rats came out through the seals in the door. The rats, including the sleeping ones, were easily killed and in their nest the party found lots of coins and textiles. In opposite corners of the room the party found magical writing and a metal flask.

Back in the corridor, the party examined the west room, but found it empty. Continuing to the south the corridor opened into a wider area with stairs leading down to the south and a passage to the west.

At the edge of the stairs leading down, there was magical writing engraved into the floor. Gisfrid quickly determined that it was something that shot magical missiles by leaping across it and getting shot, then having to leap back and getting shot a second time. Sinaed got hit as well.

The party decides to forgo the stairs for now and while the party sits and heals, Gron investigates the passage to the West. The passage continues past what looks like an opening to the well from the floor above with a passage continuing on the other side of it towards the north.

Gron rejoins the party and the party continues down the West passage, past the well into a large room with stairs leading up to the West with what looks like daylight streaming down. There are passages West and South and double doors to the North. There appear to be recent footprints, but it is unclear where they lead.

Gron examines the South passage, but it ends in a rather shaky looking rockfall. The party then goes down the West passage finding an empty flask along the way. The passage ends in a storage room. The party decides to search with Sinaed remaining in the passage to guard. Then something grabs Jivko’s leg and he screams. It turns out to be a giant snake. Everyone tries to kill it and there’s a battle, the snake loops around Cole, Jivko gets hit by Cole and almost dies and finally the snake rears up and dies. The party decides to cut open the snake and finds a HUGE ruby! The second healing potion is used on Jivko and, while he is mostly healed, his leg is still badly damaged and he can’t walk unaided.

The party explores some more and discovers a secret door towards the West. Gron, Sinaed, and Triochmeren decide to explore down the tunnel and after a long, twisting walk the passage ends at another door. Listening at the door, the small party hears goblins and decide not to pursue this passage further and return to the party. The party return to the stairs leading up and return to town.



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