Eno Granitsa Gorckiite

Something Big This Way Comes

8th day of Spring

Our intrepid party begins this day resting and preparing for the evening’s feast in their honor. Cunimund decides to take a break from the party’s activities and Eburhart and Hrodo decide to follow his lead and leave the party as well. The party is overjoyed when Gisfrid decides to accept their invitation to become a full member of the party.

At the feast the group met Castellan Telespohrus who thanked them for their efforts. They were also introduced to Shri Jah, the nephew of Jayashree Ghoshdashtidar, an advisor to the Castellan. The party was asked to allow Shri Jah to join the party. Shri Jah was highly recommended and deemed well-suited for the life of an adventurer.

Having healed, rested, and re-stocked, the party decided to venture the next morn to complete their explorations of the hobgoblin caves and hopefully find the hobgoblins king’s treasure.

The party returned to the store room where they were attacked by hobgoblins through a hidden entrance. Listening carefully prior to proceeding, they here banging from the hall where the Hobgoblin king had met his doom. From that direction, four hobgoblins charged to attack. Two were hulking brutes armed with whips. Triochmerin and Gisford were both in the lead and Triochmerin was quickly cut down, while Gisfrid suffered a minor flesh wound. Gisfrid continued to fight valiantly, at one point with three hobgoblins around him. Orion moved up to assist and the remaining Hobgoblins were soon dealt with. Orion then healed Triochmerin while Gisfrid fortified himself and the bodies were searched.

Continuing back down the tunnel the party discovered where the hobgoblins had left crates of cloth behind. The adventurers found another storeroom, empty of its belongings.

The adventurers returned to the rooms at the top of the stairs where the thieves had back stabbed the ambushers last time and again found the three rooms there empty of most of their items. The party decided to try the secret door leading east that they had forgone last time. Gisford manages to bust the door open, only to find himself under attack from a rotting ham, which he manages to duck. The party continues on and finds another room still containing some hobgoblin weapons and armor. Upon opening a door barred from their side, the party finds an exit from the caves that matches one they had seen from the distance when they first entered this cave. It looked like the caves were interconnected.

About to give up on this empty cave, the party realizes there was another path they had neglected to explore and after wandering that way here voices in the distance. They continue on only to find humans chained to the walls along with a gnoll and an orc. The party quickly offers water, healing, and rescue to the humans and find that they are the merchant Ditwinus, his wife Radegund, and a guard, the remaining guard not having survived confinement. In the meantime, Shri Jah is able to speak to both the gnome and the orc and attempts to interrogate them. He discovers the names of their clans and learns that each live in a nearby cave. Unable to get additional information from them, the party dispatches them.

Before heading back to the fortress, they revisit the room with the armor and weapons so Yrmengardis, the rescued guard, can arm herself and to gather what loot they can regretting their lack of foresight in leaving their beasts of burden behind in the fortress. They make their way back to the fortress and to the guild hall where they meet Guildmistress Marina. The Guildmistress makes the party honorary members and rewards them with 100 pieces of gold. While there, Radegund invites Camphor to her room where she rewards him with a magic dagger.

Camphor asks Orion to inspect the dagger so he can identify its properties and Orion welcomes the dagger as part of the party’s loot. It is decided that for now it will rotate between the three knife wielders beginning with Triochmerin. While at the guildhall Triochmerin asks Yrmengardis if she would like to join the party as a henchwoman. Upon consulting with the rest of the party it is agreed that Yrmengardis will join them if the party equips her and provides for room and board.

The party rests for the evening and prepares to venture forth in the morn.

9th day of Spring

The party travels back to the caverns (once again sans beast of burdens), but decide to begin at a different cavern this time. They decide to try the northern most entrance. Upon entering they are greeted with shelves of heads of all manner of species including human, orc, gnome, goblin, and hobgoblin. A trick of light, perhaps, makes it look like one of the heads moved. The party pause to reconsider their choice of caves, but decide to continue onwards.

The tunnel leads to a t-intersection and upon first entering the T, four orcs attack the party from the right tunnel. Gisfrid and Orion find themselves in the lead while the rest of the party squeezes behind (down the left tunnel) to fight. The orcs in the rear make wild spear throws while the two in the front attack. Shri Jah decided to watch the read of the party as it extends down the left tunnel. These first four orcs are dealt with quickly only to find four more orcs charging up the left tunnel. Fortunately, Shri Jah was on the alert and those orcs are also dealt with fairly quickly. The party, barely wounded, decided to carry on.

The right tunnel led to a store room so after a quick search, the party headed down the left tunnel. This tunnel eventually opened up into a largish room with multiple entrances, perhaps a dining hall. Jivko listened carefully and heard voices coming from the two doors across from the party. The party decided to take them by surprised and rushed through the rightmost door, only to find themselves surprised by 30 or more orcs in the room. Surprised by the numbers, the party failed to act immediately and found themselves under attack.

Unseen by the members in the read, three orcs sneak through the other entrance to attack the rear of the party. Gisfrid is quickly struck down and bleeding. Shri Jah decides that this would be a good time to use his spell of the day, a Sleep spell and begins to prepare. Orion and Yrmengardis prepare to defend the front of the party. Camphor and Triochmerin prepare their arrows. The party faces a dozen or more orcs while the remaining orcs huddle in a corner.

The archers let off their shots, which fly true. Shri Jah is attacked, but manages to dodge his attacker and release his spell. Fifteen orcs are put to sleep and Shri Jah earns his party membership. The 3 orcs in the rear continue to attack, with two attacking Jivko who is wounded. Orion makes his way down the other passage to the rear of the three orcs and attacks.

After stopping the blood gushing of Gisfrid, Triochmerin and Yrmengardis begin to slaughter the sleeping orcs. Orion cuts down one of the three remaining fighting orcs, while Jivko, Shri Jah, and Camphor attack the others. The other two orcs are killed, but not before Jivko is seriously wounded and knocked unconscious. A small mass of orcs, mostly women and children, flee past Orion. Camphor stops Jivko’s bleeding and the party begins to regroup. Orion heals Gisfrid, but nothing more can be done for Jivko.

A loud booming noise is heard heading towards the party and they back into the room they had just emptied of orcs and prepare to fight.



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