Eno Granitsa Gorckiite

Wight Fright

Returning to town the party liquidated the large gem they had liberated last time and used the proceeds to rent the empty apartment for a month, splitting the remaining 150 gold pieces among themselves. With the party’s ranks swelled by two, Triochmerin having recruited a powerful and agile elf by the name of Alix and Orion being finished with his training, the party set out once again for the ruins.

Arriving at the ruins, the party cut down a large tree and worked a portion of the trunk into a serviceable ram. Thus equipped they made short work of the solid double doors which had stymied them before.

Seeing that the doors had not been opened in some time, the party guessed that Sir Fragobert had not come this way, and cast about for a different route. Smelling a foul odor from beneath the caved in tunnel, Triochmerin and Gron made their way carefully through the collapsed passage to investigate. Though they were initially disturbed by the foul black pancake creature buried beneath the rubble, the party promptly forgot all about it once Cole had carved it up a little with his longsword to prove it was dead. It was decided that the passage should be cleared so as to allow the rest of the party to pass through, and Gron set about directing the work.

While Orion and Cole were on the surface cutting timbers for the supports they observed three large wolfish forms enter the ruins. Running towards the growls and barks the entire party got to the courtyard at about the same time, and battle was joined. The largest of the creatures, a Worg, slew Gisfrid’s donkey before being put down by a hail of missile fire. Of the two wolves the Worg had commanded one was slain by Orion and the other gravely injured Cole before Jivko skewered it with an arrow.

After the battle, Orion healed Cole and the party returned to clearing the passage as before. Deciding to spend the night in the passages beneath the ruins, the party backed themselves into the room where before they had encountered the giant snake.

Despite Jivko’s traps the party was taken unawares by a trio of HUGE weasels, which slaughtered the party mule and Gisfrid’s new guard dog. Alix tried to get off a sleep spell but before she could one of the creatures injured her to the point of unconsciousness. As Orion, Gisfred, and Cole pounded one of the three into pulp the third was busy sucking little Triochmerin dry. Despite the best efforts of Orion and Cole, Triochmerin passed out from blood loss before the weasel could be killed. The last of the abominations, having slain the dog and downed Alix, was set to engage Gron when Jivko sunk an arrow deep into its back from across the room, slaying it instantly. In the morning when Orion had his spells back he healed Triochmerin and Alix and the party continued on their way.

Deciding not to continue down the collapsed passage (for metagame reasons), the party passed through the double doors they had previously chosen to ignore and came quickly into a hobgoblin latrine. After a disgustingly thorough searching by Gisfrid, it was confirmed that there was no treasure in the latrine pit. Cole translated the writing on the walls as your everyday restroom graffiti, except for one note “the ogre password is blueberry”.

Continuing on, the party came across a room in which they discovered a strange steel plate burnished to a sheen on one side, but with no apparent use. Also, in a crate of furs, Jivko discovered two large fist sized amber gems which he estimated to be of great worth.

In the next room was a row of bare cots, and a pile of bedding in one corner. When Gisfrid poked the pile with his sword, a baby weasel about the size of a housecat scurried out. As it appeared peaceable, Gron fed it some of the donkey meat and bundled it up to take back with him. Also discovered in the mound of bedding were 4 or 5 pounds of silver coins.

Proceeding ever onward, the party encountered a stone sarcophagus chained shut, much like the one they had opened earlier. After Jivko spent 15 minutes attempting to pick the padlock Gisfrid set to work smashing the chains. Attracted by the noise, a ogre armed with a burning plank charged into their midst. Despite Shri Jah’s yells of “BLUEBERRY!! BLUEBERRY!!” the ogre took a swipe at Gron and Alix, just barely missing them both. As the rest of the party piled on, Shri cast his sleep spell and the ogre was defeated with no injury to the party. Searching for the ogre’s treasure, the party came across a room with two forges, one lit. Gisfred noticed a shiny something behind the flames of the lit forge, and when the object was fished out it was revealed to be a golden ingot. Despite more than an hour of additional searching, no other treasure could be found in the area so the party returned to the sarcophagus and broke it open.

Inside was a long dead ogre, who despite being quite clearly deceased, still refused to stay down. Though Orion and Gron lit him on fire and Cole and Gisfrid dropped the heavy lid on it, the thing still managed to get to its feet and grab Gisfrid. As purple light flared, Gisfrid grew visibly paler and the life was sucked out of him. Though Triochmerin’s and Jivko’s magic arrows sunk easily enough into the creature, Cole’s blade bounced harmlessly off it as the monster turned and sucked the life from Cole as well. As the party grew desperate, Gron had a genius idea; calling out for two of the party to take mirrors and attempt to direct some of the sunlight from the well shaft into the room. In order to buy time for the plan, Orion and Gron charged the wight, attempting to pin it in the corner, away from the archers. Seeing that normal weapons were useless against the fiend, Orion snatched up one of Jivko’s enchanted arrows from the floor and Triochmerin threw Gron Radegund’s Dagger. Fighting through the intense pain and weakness instilled in him by the enemy’s grasp, Gron flew into a rage worthy of song; the dreadful wight could not withstand his ferocious attack and crumpled to the floor beneath the punishing dwarven assault.

Opening the coffer at the foot of the sarcophagus, Jivko found a stunning golden necklace encrusted with valuable jewels. Collecting their loot, the party limped back to town, for once without a single casualty though many bore injuries of some sort.



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