Character Generation

  • Roll 4d6-L in order for attributes.
  • Max hit points at first level, reroll 1s and 2s thereafter.
  • Mages and elves start with Read Magic, 2 randomly rolled 1st level spells, and 1 chosen 1st level spell in their spellbooks.

Equipment and Proficiencies

  • We are adopting the revised LL armor list I found at
    • This revokes the temporary granting of studded leather proficiency to thieves, since leather is restored to its proper place at AC7.
  • 40 coins weigh 1 pound.


  • Dual wielding: if you hit, roll damage for both weapons, take the higher.
  • Firing into melee: if the enemies are not larger than your allies, your allies provide cover, and may be hit by missed blows.
    • The party loves firing into melee, despite the damage taken from this rule (including knocking both Orion & Jivko out)
  • Dutch courage: characters with 5 minutes to rest, 1 pint of wine, and bandages (1 sp, negligible weight) can recover 1-3 hp of the damage sustained in their most recent encounter.
  • Characters reduced below 0 hp cannot be awakened without magic or an extended rest.
  • Characters are unconscious at 0 hp, bleeding at -1, dead at -10.


  • XP may be given to individuals for: good problem-solving or role-playing, mapping, adventure log writing, and bringing snacks. 100xp per session from these sources is not unusual.
  • Characters who are ready to level up have three training options:
    1. Find an experienced character of their class; train for (new level) days; pay (old level) x 100gp per day.
    2. Find an experienced character of their class; barter service for training, requiring typically 2 x (new level) days.
    3. Find opportunities to self-teach, requiring typically 3 x (new level) days.

Malign Influences

  • Level-draining effects reduce characters to the beginning of their current level; additional hits reduce them to previous levels.
    • This means typical level-draining undead require two hits to slay a first level character.


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