Roadbuilder, Lawgiver, Citymother.
Venerated both in metropoli and in fragile frontier towns.
Priests: Curate Adamantios


The Unbending Light of Truth.
Worship not particularly popular except where he allies with local agricultural deities. Clergy a mix of crusaders and sages. Religious sites marked by ziggurats and topless towers.
Priests: Hermione


(Goddess of trickery, love, the moon, autumn.)
Followers: Jivko

The Lord Stendarr

God of Valor and Honorable Feats of Arms, He who lifts up the weak and makes them strong that they may vanquish in his name all who serve the Darkness.
Has walled fortress/abbeys scattered across the Duchies and Empire, often including orphanages.
Priests: Orion


Eno Granitsa Gorckiite Naburimannu